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Thank You Haters

Everyday we are confronted with people who say negative things about us. Sometimes we get mad. When we get mad it is an indication that we don't fully know who we are. When you know how special you are then you will understand why people hate on you. This understanding will allow you to tell all of your haters...Thank You. In this presentation students discover their unique qualities, create an encouragement board and much more.

Employees Wanted

This presentation discusses how to apply for jobs, what to expect during your interviews, how to dress for your interviews, how to write a cover letter, how to create a resume, and much more . . .

Sex & Truth

"You should have sex for the first time before you graduate from high school?" This is one of the unspoken myths regarding sex amongst the youth. This presentation encourages youth to practice abstinence while bestowing upon them information regarding what to do if they do decide to have sex. In the presentation, Ms. Rice discusses the impact that unprotected sex and other sexual practices of her parents has had on her life. The bottom line message of this presentation is that your actions affect more than just you; thus you should think before you act.

Young Queens

This presentation discusses methods to developing a “Time Out for Games” attitude, etiquette, personal struggles among young women and how to conquer them, dealing with peer pressure and much more . . .

College Explosion

This presentation discusses the importance of pursuing a college education, gives tips regarding how one can be successful in college, discusses what students should expect while in college, and how to acquire scholarships in order to pay for college.

In addition to this presentation, there is a scholarship workshop offered quarterly titled, "Scholar Dollar." The next workshop is scheduled for 9/22/18 from 11am-12pm. Click this link and put "scholarship" in the note section in order to register www.paypal.me/latresarice/50. You can also register for a one-on-one scholarship session click this link to register and enter PSS in the comment section indicating a personal scholarship session www.paypal.me/latresarice/100

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 Public Speaking Classes

Do you have a child that freezes up when asked to speak in front of groups of 5 or more people?
ITE offers public speaking classes to youth in grades K-12; both personalized one-on-one training and classes of 15-20 students. 

Are you an entrepreneur that would like to enhance your ability to effectively speak to large groups of people about your business? ITE offers public speaking classes for new business owners who would like to have personalized one-on-one public speaking classes and/or would like to learn public speaking in a group setting of 10-15 entrepreneurs.

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Book description

A captivating Autobiography of a dynamic woman who was once depressed, violent and consistently making poor choices. As a youth, she faced a multitude of emotional barriers which included the loss of her mother to AIDS at the age of seven and the discovery of her father's undisclosed sexuality by witnessing a sexual encounter between him and an individual she thought was her uncle.

During a turning point in her life, she heeded the advice of her maternal grandmother and received the clues necessary to overcome depression, fear, anger and rage in order to live a prosperous life.

Considered an AIDS orphan by society, Ms. Rice demonstrates in this book how you can rise above adversity and walk in victory. She also paints a vivid picture of the importance of making the right choices as she reminds us that our actions affect more than just us.

For under $15, purchase your copy of this life changing book. (To purchase your copy, click on the image next to this description or visit www.amazon.com, www.220communications.com,  or your neighborhood Barnes & Noble store)

book reviews

"Gate to Life" is an extremely easy read. I was able to complete it in one sitting over the course of several hours. I'm giving it 4.5 stars for concept and 3.5 for execution. I think this would be a great book for upper elementary through high school-aged students except that there is one part toward the end that may be inappropriate for that age group. "Gate to Life" is clearly applicable to the lives of inner-city youth and the culture they live in today. It simply calls the reader to action. I'd like to see this book, or a book like it, done as a workbook for students with blank lines on the page for them to actually fill in. "Gate to Life" is definitely engaging, entertaining, and a must read.

John Darryl Winston

"I literally finished this in one sitting! The format allows for easy reflection. I can't wait to read part 2. Good job Tresa! May many lives be changed by your transparency! From anger and rage to a life of joy and peace, it is truly a testament to the life-changing power of God's Grace. To God be the glory!"

Tikoya Lanier 

~~" I found myself standing before two gates: each bearing their own set of consequences." In her book, Gate to Life-You Choose the Life That You Shall Experience, the author, Latresa Rice, gives the reader a breakdown of the consequences of her many bad choices. Her method is succinct: she first recounts the events that serve to push her to the edge, causing her to have to make a conscious decision--a choice of which "gate" to enter. Then the author shares insight into why one gate is right and why the other is wrong. Like with many of our youth today, Ms. Rice's choices were clear. Yet, in spite of her knowing right from wrong, she followed her emotions which usually got her into trouble. Didactic in nature, Gate to Life is not only a glimpse into Ms. Rice's past life but it is a teaching tool for every young person who thinks he or she doesn't have the capacity to think before acting. Young or old, we can all take a lesson from Ms. Rice, (who went on to graduate High School and College, among her many other accomplishments) to never give up on ourselves or our dreams and to realize that our choices, good or bad, have consequences. Some of the best advice I've ever read comes from Ms. Rice's Grandma Kali: "Don't be stupid all of your life! At some point get a clue." 

Cheryl Pastor

A lifetime of good health is tied to our consumption
of fruit and other nutritious items. Just like our bodies
need fruit daily to prevent sickness and function properly,
it is also essential that we partake of spiritual fruit daily to
live a healthy, fulfilling life. Fruit Circle is a phenomenal
manual that teaches youth the importance of consuming
both natural fruit and spiritual fruit to experience the
abundance of life promised by God in the scriptures.

Throughout this manual, you will be able to quiz your
youth and see examples of creative techniques you can use
to teach them detailed information on why eating each
aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is essential to our daily
lives. Let’s learn to eat for life together as we embark on
this circular journey.

For only $11.99, order your copy of this amazing Teacher's manual. For more information or to order, click this link https://www.amazon.com/Fruit-Circle-Essential-Daily-Living/dp/1684197783/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495029036&sr=8-1&keywords=Latresa+Rice

It's Time Enterprises 


 haters ringtone

Are too many haters calling you? Your haters are your #1 fans. Know when your haters are calling and thank them in advance before you answer the phone!

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