Our mission is empower AIDS orphans, youth and others who have experienced hardship, to use their God-given talents to succeed in life despite their upbringings, societal pressures and many other barriers that attempt to block them from reaching their destinies by sharing wisdom through public speaking and providing them with the tools necessary to succeed.

To accomplish this mission, Ms. Rice travels to middle and high schools, and various different venues across the region to deliver power-packed motivational speeches that inspire economically disadvantaged children and young adults to achieve excellence in all areas of their lives.

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It's Time Enterprises (ITE), also known as ITE Wisdom, is a motivational speaking company located in Detroit, MI. ITE is a global public speaking agency that empowers AIDS orphans, youth and those who have experienced hardship to change their lives through the process of overcoming the barriers presented before them in order to live prosperous lives.

It is determined to engage in public speaking and community involvement activities in order to impact the lives of our future leaders. ITE believes that it is time for us to rise to the challenge of renovating our society. No longer can we sit and complain about things appearing to be in disarray. The first step in the renovation process is impacting the lives of those responsible for doing the work: the youth.

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