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"Empowering others to push beyond the barriers and possess their dreams."

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"Mouths that speak wisdom inspire and propel others into greatness." - Latresa Rice, Founder/Motivational Speaker of ITE

It's Time Enterprises (ITE), also known as ITE Wisdom, is a motivational speaking company located in Detroit, MI. ITE is determined to engage in public speaking and community involvement activities in order to impact the lives of our future leaders. Today's youth face many barriers in life, from peer pressure to emotional and physical abuse. Ms. Latresa Rice - ITE's Founder and Motivational Speaker - exemplifies the skills that she prescribes to the youth and young adults, with regards to annihilating the barriers that have been placed before them and possessing their dreams.

Before you can destroy any barriers that are in your narrow path to glory, you must first review the most important piece of the puzzle: You. You are the solution to the puzzle. You are the most important element of your breakthrough. The manifestation of your breakthrough starts with you. Lazy people have many desires yet they never acquire them; however the desires of those who are diligent in their pursuits are fulfilled (paraphrase-Biblical Proverb). In order to reach your dreams, you must be willing to work. Ms. Rice is dedicated to assisting individuals in their pursuit by making their work easier i.e. providing them with the tools they need to succeed in an entertaining and invigorating manner.

ITE's presentations are designed to empower youth to see themselves in the place where they desire, push beyond the barriers that have been placed before them and acquire their dreams. As you travel through this site to learn more about ITE's inspiring, captivating, entertaining and empowering (I.C.E.E.) presentations, I welcome you to the ITE experience.